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About Children’s Ministry

At Missional Church we love kids! We hope our children’s ministry will be the kind of place that makes kids ask, “Is it Sunday yet?” We offer safe, age-appropriate opportunities for kids to learn about God from birth to 5th grade.

Your kids will find a high-energy environment filled with fun, games, songs, and a chance to learn about the Bible. We believe God has a unique plan for your child’s life and we want to work with you as parents to help them discover that plan. We want to help your children develop spiritually while encouraging them to love church.

What to Expect?

As you enter the church you’ll find directional signs that say, “Missional Kids”. You can follow these signs to our children’s ministry area. If you’re attending for the first time, someone at the desk will help you sign up your children. You can speed up the process by pre-registering your children by clicking the button below.


Age Groups

Children are divided by their age/grade. We offer rooms for the following age groups:


(age 1-2)

(age 3-5)


1st – 5th Grade

Children will receive an age-appropriate Bible lesson in every age group each week. We hope our high-energy environments will bring the Bible to life while encouraging your children spiritually. In our K-5th room, children typically experience a game, songs, and a Bible lesson. This is usually followed by time spent in smaller groups discussing the Bible lesson and prayer.

What about Safety?

The safety of your children is our top priority. We staff every activity with at least two leaders at all times. Using background checks and screenings, we assure the safety of every child. We are committed to safety, but if you have any additional concerns please email us at children@missionalchurch.com.

Questions/Comments? Feel free to contact us through our Pre-Registration page.

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