You’re Invited to Easter Services at Missional Church!

You and your whole family are invited to celebrate Easter this year at Missional Church! We offer multiple service times for you to attend in-person or watch online. We’d love to have you attend our Good Friday service and one of our Sunday morning Easter services. Whether you’ve been a churchgoer your whole life, or you’re just starting out in your faith journey, we created an Easter celebration just for you!


What To Expect

Arriving At Missional Church

When you arrive at Missional Church for an Easter service, one of our volunteers will help direct you to park. When you enter the building, you’ll find signs directing you to the “main service”. If you have kids, you’ll also find bright signs directing you to Missional Kids. Once you enter the main service area, feel free to sit wherever you’d like


It will begin with about 20 minutes of music from our live band. The words of the songs will be projected onto large screens. Many people will sing along, but feel free to participate as you feel comfortable. One of our leaders will then share a lesson from the Bible related to Easter. At some point, we take an offering of financial gifts. This offering is for those who call Missional Church their home. As our guest, you’re not expected to give any money. That decision is totally up to you. We’ve been blessed with many opportunities to serve the needs of our community, and through the generosity of the church members, we can meet those needs.

We always sprinkle in a few special elements for our Easter services like special songs or skits.
We can’t wait for you to see what we’ve got planned this year!

What about My Kids?

Your children are welcome to join you in the service. However, we will also offer programming during the service for kids birth-5th grade. Simply follow signs to “Missional Kids” to check your children in. When you check-in, you’ll be asked to fill out some information so we can have a way to contact you in the unlikely event you are needed during the service.


What is Easter all About?

Missional Church offers many opportunities throughout the year that will help fuel your faith. In today’s busy world, we know it’s important for adults to carve out time to focus on their own personal and spiritual health. Regardless of where you are in your faith journey, we offer groups and classes that will help you grow in your faith while building a strong community of new friends.

Easter is all about Jesus. Really, it’s about God’s great love for people. The story of Easter begins with the understanding that over time, men and women have crept away from God’s perfection, determined to live life their own way. Thanks to this very human choice, our world is filled with brokenness we see every day in the news, in bad behaviors and in hurtful decisions made all around us.

But the good news is that God had a plan. He would send his own son into the world as a beacon of hope. Jesus is God’s Son, sent into the world to pave a path so that every single person on earth may experience new life. Jesus took all the brokenness of the world unto himself when he died on a cross. But death was not the end of the story.
Death and brokenness could not contain Jesus. He rose from the dead and now offers new life to all those who would believe in Him. This is what we celebrate on Easter. If you’re looking to learn more about Easter, or are hoping to find more than hidden eggs this holiday, we believe you’ll find what you’re looking for at our Easter service. It won’t be the same without you!

So we hope you'll consider attending!

Watch Easter Online

All of our Easter services will be available online. Simply click the button below during the service and you’ll be able to join the service live. If you miss the scheduled live service, don’t worry, you’ll also be able to watch on demand.


Times and Location

Easter Service Signup

Join Us!

You’re invited to experience forgiveness, hope, and joy this Easter as Missional Church. Join us on April 4 as we celebrate with encouraging prayer, song, and scripture. Bring your friends and family to learn the real meaning of Easter. Services start at 8 AM, 9:30 AM, and 11 AM, we look forward to seeing you there!

Watch Online!

Want to watch church at home? We get it! Join us from your living room live HERE. Invite your family, friends, and neighbors as we worship the risen Savior this Easter!

He is Alive!

  • The death and resurrection of Jesus Christ changes everything for all people, come hear why! Want to learn more about Jesus? Fill out the form below!